Agent information

General Information

Cannabis Production Establishment Agents are employees of Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Processing, and Independent Laboratory Facilities. All employees of a Medical Cannabis Facility must have their agent card on them while in the facility or transporting cannabis product.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A full list of Cannabis Production Establishment Agent eligibility requirements can be found in opens in a new tabUCA 4-41a-301
  • The department shall revoke or refuse to issue the card if the individual is convicted under state or federal law of:
    • A felony in the preceding 10 years; or
    • After December 3, 2018, a misdemeanor for drug distribution.

Application Process

Common Application Mistakes to Avoid

  • Photo does not meet ID requirements
  • Applicant information does not match information on government issued ID
  • Incorrect or incomplete Agent Training Certificate
  • Incorrect or incomplete Background Authorization Form
  • An application may be delayed if the applicant has not submitted fingerprints/background

Please email with questions.

Complete information regarding registration for a Cannabis Production Establishment Agent can be found in 4-41a-301 & 302.

Agent Training Certification

  • There are currently two approved 3rd party certified training programs in the state at this time.
Providers interested in becoming an approved 3rd party agent certification training program can reach out to UDAF at for more information. If a Cannabis Facility wishes to provide their own training to their employees the training materials must be submitted to the Department for approval.

  • The Training must comply with 4-41a-301 and cover Utah medical cannabis law, best practices in cannabis productions facilities, and safety procedures to protect both employee and patient health:
    • 41a-301(6) A cannabis production establishment agent shall comply with: (a) a certification standard that the department develops; or (b) a certification standard that the department has reviewed and approved.
    • 4-41a-301(7) The department shall ensure that the certification standard described in Subsection (6) includes training: (i) in Utah medical cannabis law; (ii) for a cannabis cultivation facility agent, in cannabis cultivation best practices; (iii) for a cannabis processing facility agent, in cannabis processing, manufacturing safety procedures for items for human consumption, and sanitation best practices; and (iv) for an independent cannabis testing laboratory agent, in cannabis testing best practices.