Agent Information

Cannabis Cultivation Facility Agents are employees of Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Processing, and Independent Lab Facilities. All employees of a Medical Cannabis Facility must have their Agent Card on them when working at their facility or transporting Cannabis Product between Facilities.

  • To be eligible for an Agent Card an individual can not have any felonies and can not have a misdemeanor for drug distribution after December 3,2018. 
  • Agents can apply for agent cards through Utah’s Electronic Verification system after they have received Agent Training. At this time UCAT is the only certified Agent training in the state.
  • Agent cards are $150 for the first card and $100 for every additional card.  Agent Cards must be renewed at least every 2 years.  
  • To Register for a Medical Cannabis Agent Card follow these instructions to register in the Electronic Verification System (EVS). Please email for questions. 


Agent Training Certification

  • UCAT is the only certified Agent training in the state. If a Cannabis Facility wishes to provide their own training to their employees the training materials must be submitted to the Department for approval.
  • The Training must comply with 4-41a-301 and cover Utah medical cannabis law, best practices in cannabis productions facilities, and safety procedures to protect both employee and patient health.