NEXT ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 11, 2022, at 5 p.m. MST. The system will automatically inactivate any patient in incomplete status after 30 days. We are unable to update any status’ until after the CUB has completed their review. The CUB meets monthly final determinations for January will be sent by January 31, 2022

REMINDER: Patients still need to register in the EVS and the QMP needs to add a certification in the system in addition to submitting the REDCap petiton. Important updates and requests for more information will be sent via the email – Please add it to your contacts. 

CUB Documents

REDCap Help Document

Updated 10/6/2021

Denial Patient Petition Form

Updated 11/8/2021

CUB Petition Content Guide

Updated 10/6/2021

CUB Cannabis Use Recommendations

Updated 1/27/2022


The Compassionate Use Board (CUB) is comprised of seven qualified medical providers who have been appointed by the Executive Director of the Utah Department of Health and confirmed by the Utah State Senate.


The CUB reviews and recommends for department approval a petition to the CUB submitted by:

  1. patients under age 21 applying for medical cannabis cards; and
  2. any patient who does not have a qualifying condition but who has an intractable condition that:
    • substantially impairs the individual’s quality of life; and
    • has not, in the qualified medical provider’s professional opinion, adequately responded to conventional treatments. 


When the CUB reviews applications, the CUB does not meet in-person or over the phone with the patient or their qualified medical provider (QMP). They review relevant information submitted by the patient and QMP. Board meetings are not public meetings and no one other than Board members and authorized department staff will attend the meetings. Information shared and discussed at the meetings is kept private and not shared with parties outside of those who attend the meetings.      

Once a complete petition is received, there is a 90-day period for the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) to complete the review. If you are unable to send us the required documentation by the due date you may send us an email to request an extension, otherwise, your request will be closed as incomplete.