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Medical Cannabis Administrative Rule

The Cannabis Administrative Rule is available at the Utah Department of Administrative Services./p>

Below is a list of UDAF's most current Cannabis Production Rule Sets. opens in a new tabUtah Senate Bill 91 and opens in a new tabHouse Bill 72 set the frame work for the following statues and rule sets:

Rules related to the Cannabis Production Establishment Board are found in opens in a new tabR68-31. All Establishment Board meetings will be posted on the opens in a new tabUtah Public Notice Website.

To subscribe to receive notifications on meetings of the Cannabis Production Establishment Board:

  • Click on the link above (Utah Public Notice Website)
  • Click on the "Search" function
  • "Entity Name"- type in Department of Agriculture and Food
  • "Public Body Name"- type in Cannabis Production Establishment Licensing Board
  • Select "Submit"
  • There will be a list of past notices under "Notice Title", click on one of them then scroll to
  • the bottom of the page.
  • In the section "Subscribe by Email" fill out the information and click "subscribe", you are
  • then put on the list to be notified of future alerts.

The Cannabis Department is a State Agency and can be found under opens in a new tabThe Department of Agriculture and Food.

Cannabis Production Establishment 2023 Board Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Cannabis Production Establishment Board meetings have been approved for 2023 and are listed below with subsequent documentation/request deadlines. Documents/requests that need to be presented to the Board must be complete and submitted on or before the deadline date.

● February 8th – Documentation Deadline: January 13th
● April 13th – Documentation Deadline: March 16th
● June 15th – Documentation Deadline: May 18th
● August 9th – Documentation Deadline: July 12th
● October 10th – Documentation Deadline September 12th
● December 5th – Documentation Deadline November 7th

Cannabis Production Establishment Board Member Announcement

Senate Bill 192 requires the commissioner to appoint 5 members to the new Cannabis Production Establishment Licensing Advisory Board; this must include a member of the public, an individual with pharmaceutical experience, a law enforcement representative, a cannabis patient organization representative, and a who has experience with cannabis and who is associated with a research university.

Board Members were appointed by Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Commissioner Craig W Buttars, and all members underwent Ethics, GRAMA, and Public Meetings Act training on April 13th, 2023.

  1. Miles Maynes – Member of the Public
  2. Edward Bellmar Walker – Chemist at Weber State
  3. Law Enforcement Representative – Vacant
  4. Joshua Alden Daniels – Patient Representative
  5. Andrew Gubler- Pharmaceutical Representative