Medical Cannabis Cultivation

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food and the Utah Division of Purchasing have selected eight companies to be Medical Cannabis Cultivators in Utah’s Medical Cannabis Program.  

The eight selected cultivators are listed by county:

  • Box Elder County –
    • Riverside Farms
    • Standard Wellness Utah
    • True North of Utah
    • Wholesome Ag
  • Davis County –
    • Wholesome Ag (Location #2)
  • Sanpete County –
    • Dragonfly Greenhouse (Location #1)
    • Dragonfly Greenhouse (Location #2)
  • Sevier County – 
    • Zion Cultivars (Location #2)
  • Tooele County –
    • Tryke Companies
  • Utah County –
    • Zion Cultivars (Location #1)
  • Weber County –
    • Beehive Gardens/Harvest of Utah
    • Standard Wellness (Location #2)

The Utah Department of Agriculture is limited on what information can be disclosed about these cultivation facilities.  Many of the companies have public websites and social media accounts with contact information and bios about the companies. 

At this time no more Cannabis Cultivation licenses are being offered. The Utah Department of Agriculture will follow 4-41a-205 and will not exceed 8 Cannabis Cultivation Facility Licenses unless all Cultivators reach their 100,000 sq. ft. grow limit, the Utah Department of Health anticipates a greater patient need, or a current company forfeits their license.



Cultivators in the Utah Medical Cannabis Program used approximately 279,634 sq ft of indoor space and 4.92 acres of outdoor space growing medical cannabis in 2022.

Biomass production by all facilities in 2022 totaled 111,800 lbs. This was packaged for transfer to processing facilities and used to create products in the following categories:

  • Cannabis Flower to a Processor for Final Sale
  • Cannabis Byproduct to a Processor to create; Concentrates, Cartpens, Infused Edibles, and Infused Non-Edibles



Industrial Hemp Cultivators and Processors can sell Industrial Hemp Waste to a licensed Medical Cannabis Cultivator as approved by the department. A Certificate of Sale is required for each transfer of Industrial Hemp Waste to a licensed Medical Cannabis Cultivator and must meet all requirements as outlined in R68-32.

For additional questions please contact UDAF at



Current cultivation license holders must renew their cultivation license each year at the December Cannabis Production Establishment Licensing Advisory Board meeting. All renewal documentation must be submitted no later than the documentation deadline listed below. Renewal is not considered to be complete until all applicable fees are paid and the facility’s bond is in good standing.  

2022 Board Meeting Date: December 12th, 2022 (documentation deadline November 14th, 2022)

All renewal applications and supplemental documentation must be submitted via email to

To learn more about Utah’s Cannabis Cultivation Industry read:



Cultivators in the Utah Medical Cannabis Program must ensure they follow R68-27-9 regarding pesticide and fertilizer usage. For more information on pesticide and fertilizer usage in the Medical Cannabis Program click on the links below: