Qualified Medical Provider (QMP)

Utah-licensed physicians (MD, DO), advanced practice registered nurses, and physician assistants who are licensed to prescribe a controlled substance may receive approval from the UDOH to recommend medical cannabis treatment for their patients. These providers must register as a “qualified medical provider” through the Electronic Verification System (EVS).


UDOH is now accepting applications for qualified medical provider registration cards through the EVS. Please review the following outline that describes the registration card application process:

1. Complete four hours of department-approved continuing education

All QMPs must complete 4 hours of department-approved continuing education. Find out about approved CE courses by visiting our Continuing Education page.

2. Review the EVS user guide and apply online for a medical cannabis registration card

A provider may now go online in the electronic verification system (EVS) and begin the medical cannabis card application process.

All providers must first have a Utah ID in order to access the EVS. You may already have a Utah ID to access the Controlled Substance Database. For Utah ID creation instructions, click here.

To find your Utah ID username, navigate to id.utah.gov and click on “My Account” in the top left-hand corner of the screen after logging in.

The EVS QMP Application Guide can be found here.

3. Pay medical cannabis registration card application fee online

The provider pays their medical cannabis registration card application fee online after completing their profile in the EVS. At this point, the completed application will be submitted online to the UDOH.

Medical cannabis card fees:

  • Qualified Medical Provider Registration Card (initial): $100
  • Qualified Medical Provider Registration Card (two-year renewal): $50

4. UDOH reviews medical cannabis registration card application 

The UDOH will review the provider’s medical cannabis registration card application and confirm whether all requirements have been met. The application review process will be completed 15 days or less from the date the application is submitted.

5. Receive medical cannabis qualified medical provider registration card

If all requirements have been met, the UDOH will issue the card and email the provider a copy of their medical cannabis card.

6. Issue recommendations for medical cannabis

Once a patient has initiated their application online, their QMP must log in online to the EVS and complete their section of the patient’s application, which includes the recommendation for medical cannabis treatment.

The EVS QMP Application Tutorial, including the certification/recommendation process, can be found here.

After a patient has been issued a recommendation in the EVS, they may submit their medical cannabis card application to the UDOH.

A list of Utah’s 14 medical cannabis pharmacies is posted here. Please note that there may be only one or two pharmacies open in March 2020. At least 8 pharmacies plan to open by June 30, 2020 and an additional 6 plan to open on or after July 1, 2020.