Laboratory and testing

General Information

In Q1 2024, there were 1,648 tests performed. Tests were performed in areas of;

  • cannabinoid profiles,
  • pesticides,
  • heavy metals,
  • solvents,
  • microbial life,
  • toxins and foreign matter as outlined in Administrative Rule R68-29.

Out of the tests performed for "adulturants" as outlined in R68-29, 13 samples failed. 

Medical Cannabis Testing Lab Licenses

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is now accepting applications for Independent Testing Laboratories.

opens in a new tabThe Independent Cannabis Testing Laboratory Rule outlines the qualification for receiving an Independent Laboratory License.   All Labs must comply with Good Laboratory Practice and Compliance Monitoring outlined by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Current processing license holders must renew their processing license each year at a Cannabis Production Establishment Licensing Advisory Board meeting. Renewal dates occur throughout the year and renewal documentation must be submitted no later than the documentation deadline that corresponds to the meeting prior to the renewal expiration date. Renewal is not considered to be complete until all applicable fees are paid and the facility’s bond is in good standing.

All renewal applications and supplemental documentation must be submitted via our new AIMS platform. You can access the site directly through the URL or through the Online Services page on the Department’s website   Please reach out to if you have questions regarding filling out the application.

Before a facility can be issued a license the company must go before the Cannabis Establishment Review Board.

All Owner's submitting a processing application or renewal must submit a Background Check, Performance Bond, or Liquid Cash Account Bond.