Medical Cannabis Processing

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food’s Medical Cannabis Program has two tiers of cannabis processing licenses governed under Rule R68-28.

A Tier 1 Processing License allows a facility to process, formulate, package, and label products.  A Tier 2 Processing License allows a facility to package and label products.

There are currently thirteen Tier 1 Processors, two Tier 2 processors, and two Tier 1 processors with an "intent to license". Applicants with an intent to license have been approved by the Cannabis Production Establishment Licensing Advisory Board pending final inspections and compliance with local regulations. The current Medical Cannabis Processors are listed by County:

  • Box Elder County –
    • Riverside Farm
    • Standard Wellness Utah
    • True North Organics
  • Davis County –
    • Curaleaf
    • Wholesome Goods
  • Salt Lake County –
    • Dragonfly Processing
    • Pure Plan
    • Wasatch Extraction
    • Zion Alchemy
  • Sanpete County –
    • Dragonfly Processing
  • Tooele County –
    • Tryke Companies
  • Utah County –
    • Life Elevated
    • Pure UT
  • Wasatch County –
    • Boojum Med
  • Weber County –
    • Beehive Brands

Processing Production Information

In Q1 2023, Processors in the Utah Medical Cannabis Program produced and sent the following approved products to Medical Cannabis Pharmacies for final sale:

  • Cartridges: 283,869 units
  • Concentrates: 21,508 grams
  • Flower: 1,204,993 grams (244,299 units)
  • Infused Edibles: 226,589 units
  • Infused Non-Edibles: 8,681 units

Product Labeling Requirements

All products for final sale to patients in Utah’s Medical Cannabis Program must follow labeling and packaging requirements as outlined in opens in a new tab4-41a-602 Labeling and Child Resistant Packaging and opens in a new tabR68-28-12 Labeling of Cannabis and Cannabis Product.

4-41a-602(1) Cannabis product — Labeling and child-resistant packaging.

(1) For any cannabis product that a cannabis processing facility processes or produces and for any raw cannabis that the facility packages, the facility shall: 

(a) label the cannabis or cannabis product with a label that: (i) clearly and unambiguously states that the cannabis product or package contains cannabis; (ii) clearly displays the amount of total composite tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol in the labeled container; (iii) has a unique identification number that: (A) is connected to the inventory control system; and (B) identifies the unique cannabis product manufacturing process the cannabis processing facility used to manufacture the cannabis product; (iv) identifies the cannabinoid extraction process that the cannabis processing facility used to create the cannabis product; (v) does not display an image, word, or phrase that the facility knows or should know appeals to children; and (vi) discloses each active or potentially active ingredient, in order of prominence, and possible allergen; and Utah Code

(b) package the raw cannabis or cannabis product in a medicinal dosage form in a container that: (i) is tamper evident and tamper resistant; (ii) does not appeal to children; (iii) does not mimic a candy container; (iv) complies with child-resistant effectiveness standards that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission establishes; and (v) includes a warning label that states:

(A) for a container labeled before July 1, 2021, "WARNING: Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may be addictive. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is for medical use only. Use only as directed by a qualified medical provider."; or

(B) for a container labeled on or after July 1, 2021, "WARNING: Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may be addictive. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is for medical use only. Use only as directed by a recommending medical provider."

(2) For any cannabis or cannabis product that the cannabis processing facility processes into a gelatinous cube, gelatinous rectangular cuboid, or lozenge in a cube or rectangular cuboid shape, the facility shall:

(b) include on the label described in Subsection (1)(a) a warning about the risks of over-consumption.

The following overconsumption warning language must be included on all items
outlined above in 4-41a-602(2)(b):

"Overconsumption of cannabis may result in adverse effects. Please consult with your prescriber or pharmacist."

For products containing THC, a warning symbol, provided by the Department, the following symbols are acceptable:

  • A triangle, a diamond, or the shape of Utah with THC and an exclamation point.
  • The symbol and lettering shall be either red, white, black or any combination of the three colors as long as it can be read against the colors of the package/label.
  • The symbol needs to be readily and easily seen on the label and must be at a minimum 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch and up to 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch.

Processing License Application

Currently Utah does not restrict the number of processing licenses. 

To apply please review the Medical Cannabis Processing Application Checklist and follow all instructions.  Before a facility can be issued a license the company must go before the Cannabis Production Establishment Licensing Advisory Board. Dates of the 2022 board meetings and documentation deadlines can be found below. All documents must be completed and submitted by the deadline to be considered by the board.

All Owners' submitting a processing application must submit a Background Check and Bond.

Processing Annual Renewal Information

Current processing license holders must renew their processing license each year at a Cannabis Production Establishment Licensing Advisory Board meeting. Renewal dates occur throughout the year and renewal documentation must be submitted no later than the documentation deadline that corresponds to the meeting prior to the renewal expiration date. Renewal is not considered to be complete until all applicable fees are paid and the facility’s bond is in good standing.

2023 Board Meeting Dates:

  • February 8th – Documentation Deadline: January 13th
  • April 13th – Documentation Deadline: March 16th
  • June 15th – Documentation Deadline: May 18th
  • August 9th – Documentation Deadline: July 12th
  • October 10th – Documentation Deadline September 12th
  • December 5th – Documentation Deadline November 7th

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