Medical Cannabis Production and Pharmacy Licensing Board

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General Information

As outlined in 4-41a the board consists of seven members: seven voting members whom the commissioner appoints and the commissioner themselves (or designee) as a non-voting member, except to cast a deciding vote in the event of a tie. 

The seven voting members include:

    • One member of the public
    • One member with knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical manufacturing industry
    • One member representing law enforcement
    • One member whom an organization representing medical cannabis patients recommends
    • A chemist who has experience with cannabis and who is associated with a research university
    • A pharmacist who is not associated with the medical cannabis industry 
    • an accountant 
This year, the Utah State Legislature passed S.B. 233 Medical Cannabis Amendments. This bill makes several updates to the Medical Cannabis Program, including Medical Cannabis Pharmacies. The program's expansion requires the Establishment Licensing Board to include two additional members. The two members include a pharmacist who is not associated with the medical cannabis industry and an accountant. 
If you are interested in joining UDAF's Establishment Licensing Board, please contact the Medical Cannabis team at

Board Authority and Duties

The board shall meet to review cannabis production establishment license applications and review each license application for compliance with: 

  • 4-41a
  • Department rules 
  • Conduct a public hearing to consider the license application

Approve the department's license application forms and checklists

Make a determination on each license application. 

The board shall hold a public hearing to review a cannabis production establishment's license if the establishment: 

  • Changes ownership by an interest of 20% or more
  • Changes or adds a location
  • Upgrades to a different licensing tier under department rule
  • Changes extraction or formulation standard operating procedures
  • Adds an industrial hemp processing or cultivation license to the same location as the cannabis production establishment's processing facility
  • As necessary based on the recommendation of the department. 

The board meets annually in December to consider cannabis cultivation production establishment license renewal applications and throughout the year for cannabis processing & lab production establishment license renewal applications.

2024 Medical Cannabis Production and Pharmacy Licensing Board Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • February 7th- Documentation Deadline: January 17th
  • April 17th- Documentation Deadline: March 20th
  • June 12th- Documentation Deadline: May 15th
  • August 14th- Documentation Deadline: July 17th
  • October 9th- Documentation Deadline: September 11th
  • December 4th- Documentation Deadline: November 6th

Current Board Members


  • Miles Maynes- Member of the Public
  • Edward Walker- Chemist at Weber State
  • Joshua Daniels- Patient Representative
  • Andrew Gubler- Pharmaceutical Representative
  • Jason Williams- Law Enforcement Representative

Board Members were appointed by Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Commissioner Craig W Buttars, and all members underwent Ethics, GRAMA, and Public Meetings Act training.

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The Cannabis Department is a State Agency and can be found under the Department of Agriculture and Food.