2024 qualified medical provider (QMP) resources for medical cannabis patients survey


The DHHS Center for Medical Cannabis sent a survey to qualified medical providers (QMPs) in December 2023. The survey asked about patient education and screening tools that QMPs use when working with medical cannabis patients. Due to the low survey response rate, avoid drawing conclusions from the data presented.

  • This survey was conducted through  REDCAP.
  • It was sent to over 1,000 QMPs.
  • 47 QMPs responded. 

About the survey

The survey asked about 2 main topics:

  • Patient education, specifically about impaired driving and early cannabis-induced psychosis.  
  • Screening tools for conditions that could affect medical cannabis use. 

Survey highlights

QMP demographics

  • Most responses were from APRNs.
  • Most responses were from QMPs who work in family medicine or psychiatry.

Educational materials

  • 72% of QMPs provide general patient education.
  • The most common patient education includes the different types of medical cannabis (like vaping, edibles, tinctures, etc.), impaired driving and the dangers of using medical cannabis before driving, and when a patient should not use medical cannabis. 
  • 62% of QMPs who provide patient education also use screening tools for other medical conditions. 
  • 85% of QMPs are interested in education materials from DHHS about early cannabis-induced psychosis and impaired driving.