Compassionate Use Board

The Compassionate Use Board is comprised of seven qualified medical providers that have been appointed by the Executive Director of the Utah Department of Health and confirmed by the Senate to oversee aspects of the medical cannabis program.


The Compassionate Use Board must review and approve all minor patient cases prior to approval for medical cannabis provisional cards.

Patients that do not have qualifying conditions may petition the Compassionate Use Board and, if approved, may apply for medical cannabis patient cards.


The Compassionate Use Board will begin reviewing petitions for minors and patients without qualifying conditions in March 2020. Prior to that time, patients meeting certain criteria outlined in the Medical Cannabis Act may legally possess medical cannabis without a medical cannabis card. Compliance with the Utah Medical Cannabis Act may not protect patients from liability for violations of federal law or the laws of other states. Questions regarding this provision of the law are best answered by an attorney who can provide legal counsel specific to an individual’s situation.

Please refer to the Medical Cannabis Act and the Controlled Substances Act: Medical Cannabis Decriminalization for more information.