How do I get a medical cannabis card?

Individuals may apply for a medical cannabis card here. Medical cannabis cards cannot be obtained from a medical cannabis pharmacy, medical clinic, or from any entity other than the Utah Department of Health.

The requirements to get a medical cannabis card include:

  1. Must be a Utah Resident;
  2. Must have at least one qualifying condition;
  3. Submit an application online;
  4. Meet in-person with a medical provider registered with the Utah Department of Health to recommend medical cannabis;
  5. The medical provider has certified your eligibility for a medical cannabis card online; and
  6. Pay a $15 application fee online.

NOTE: If a patient is a minor under the age of 21 or if they are an adult over 21 but do not have a qualifying condition, the application must be reviewed by the Compassionate Use Board. A minor cannot receive a medical cannabis card unless their parent or legal guardian qualifies for a medical cannabis guardian card.