What must a QMP complete to recommend a patient for a medical cannabis card?

A QMP must first establish a physician-patient relationship during at least one in-person appointment with the patient. During an appointment, the QMP must complete and document in the patient’s medical record a thorough assessment of the patient’s condition and medical history based on the appropriate standard of care for the patient’s condition.

To recommend a medical cannabis card to a patient, a QMP must also:

  1. verify the patient’s and, for a minor patient, the minor patient’s parent or legal guardian’s valid form of identification;
  2. review any record related to the patient and, for a minor patient, the patient’s parent or legal guardian in the state medical cannabis electronic verification system (EVS); and the controlled substance database;
  3. consider the recommendation in light of the patient’s qualifying condition and history of medical cannabis and controlled substance use; and
  4. enter an electronic certification in the EVS.