Reference Documents

Cannabis Information Document (Accessed in the EVS)

Medical Cannabis Fact Sheet

Patient Tracking Journal

Cannabis Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Fact Sheet

OTIS Pregnancy Fact Sheet

Patient Information Page (JAMA)

Perioperative Considerations for the Patient Utilizing Cannabinoid-based Medicines and Products (TheAnswerPage)

Medical Cannabis Card Application Process Graphic

Updated 1/26/2022

Guidance on the Suggested Use of Medical Cannabis

Guidance on the Suggested Use of Medical Cannabis Document

Updated 4/8/2020

Electronic Verification System (EVS) Instructional User Guides

Updated 4/8/2020

The information provided in the following documents is intended to help patients in Utah and Utah health care professionals to make well-informed decisions to improve the quality of health care outcomes in patients using medical cannabis through the Utah Medical Cannabis Program. The use of medical cannabis is at one’s own risk and the use of medical cannabis is not considered a first-line therapy for most medical conditions. The Utah Department of Health and the Center for Medical Cannabis highly advise that patients consult with their physician on using medical cannabis as a medical treatment. Documents provided on this website discuss warnings and risks related to the use of cannabis and as such, patrons using these documents are advised to use documents listed here as informational and educational only.

    We advise that patrons who are minors using medical cannabis also understand and refer to official policy statements and positions posted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (2004 Policy and an updated 2015 Policy).