PLEASE READ: All initial medical cannabis patient cards are now valid for 90 days. If you received an email directing you to renew at 30 days, please disregard.

PROVIDERS: Click here to access your renewal guide.

You may renew your medical cannabis card beginning May 27, 2020. NOTE: Medical cannabis cards cannot be renewed until your application status is ‘Pending Renewal.’ Please wait to attempt to renew until your status has changed to ‘Pending Renewal.’

How to Renew:

Once application status is ‘Pending Renewal,’ log in to the EVS and:

  1. Hover over Tracking Inbox and click Patient (not New Patient).
  2. Click your name.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Patient page and click ‘Save and Submit.’ Your status will change to ‘Awaiting Certification.’
  4. Your Designated QMP must now enter a new certification for you.
    • Check the “Patient Certification” tab periodically to see if a new certification appears in the drop down menu.
  5. Once the drop down populates, select the new QMP certification number and click ‘Save.’ Your status will change to ‘Awaiting Payment.’
  6. Click the Payment tab at the top of the screen. NOTE: You must disable pop-up blockers.
  7. Click ‘New,’ then ‘Click Here to Make Payment.’
  8. Enter your payment information and submit. The renewal fee is $5.
  9. Once you receive a confirmation, you will be automatically redirected to the Patient screen, where your status will have changed to ‘Awaiting State Review.’
  10. Wait for your confirmation email that your card has been renewed. 

NOTE: Cards renewed after 90 days are valid for six months.